Nominal thrust: 140N (31,5lb) at 130.000 RPM

Idle thrust: 6N

Idle RPM: 35,000

Diameter: 102mm (4”)

Engine weight: 1.320g (2.9lb)

Installed weight: 1,450g (3,2lb)

Fuel: Kerosene/Diesel + 3% – 5% oil

Fuel comsumption: 390g/min

Start mode: Direct Kerosene

Need a little more power, but want to keep your plane light? Want to have redundancy on a big, single engine model? The M140 is the answer.

140N of thrust packed inside a small can of only 102mm diameter. Where a standard 110mm engine doesn’t fit, the M140 does!

Like all other JetsMunt engines, the M140 use the same technology of brushless starters and pumps, coupled with our proprietary single wire digital bus, a very reliable communications system comparable to those used in high end cars and professional machines, immune to external electromagnetic noise and extremely low radiated energy.

Sensors and valves are installed inside the motor, simplifying installation. The engine has only one fuel input directly from the pump, and a 3-wire electrical connection to the ecu that carries the battery power and a bidirectional digital bus. All measures and data from the engine are transmitted to the ecu in digital data format.

All engine parameters and timers are stored in the engine, installation parameters (radio settings, etc.) are stored in the ecu, enabling the swap of the engine without any adjustment.

Includes engine and all ancillary accessories needed to run the engine, except the battery. Recomended LiPo 7,4v 2500mAh